Valentines: A Hallmark Holiday?

    There’s a common understanding in the United States that the importance of some holidays are hyped up in accordance to consumerist trends. These occasions are often dubbed “Hallmark Holidays.” The perceived relevance of the holiday versus the amount of products sold as well as the prevalence of other associated events (such as parades) can determine how closely people align these days with the Hallmark agenda. It’s not just the sale of greeting cards that warrants this label however, it’s also the combination of chocolates, flowers and other cutesy items that make us feel warm and fuzzy and loved. So naturally Valentine’s Day, a holiday exclusively about making the people in your life feel loved without any other designated purpose or activity, creates the greatest demand for purchasing these types of gifts. But what is it about the scope of this particular holiday that often finds our inner consumerist filled with dread? Perhaps it’s the ever-mounting expectation to outdo the previous year’s demonstrations of love and gift-giving? Or maybe it’s the small voice in the back of our heads that wishes we had other go-to methods to show our loved ones just how much we truly cherish them. Either way, many of us have a myriad of options for the ideal gift on our minds during this time of year.

    Of course, the best gift you can give will always be the beautiful new construction a few streets over that fits all your expectations for the dream home you’ve spent years pining for. And for that kind of demonstration of love, we’d be happy to assist. : )

    We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s and enjoys celebrating with their very special someone!

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