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    Homelessness is a topic that is dear to our hearts. This pervasive issue is often on our minds as our job directly involves providing housing to those around us. On Team Patti we strive to assist members of our community with better housing opportunities regardless of their current economic situation.


    At the Havard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS) the volunteers work to provide a clean, safe environment for up to 24 people each night. There are also programs in place to provide counseling services, as well as a housing program that arranges opportunities to return employed individuals once again to their own private housing accommodations.


    We love being apart of a brokerage firm that similarly considers it a primary initiative to improve the lives of those within the surrounding area! We are thrilled to be able to join Compass this holiday season in pursuit of giving back by cleaning out the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. Our aim with this type of volunteer work at HSHS is to improve conditions and create a more comfortable environment for those who need it most.


    Roughly 14% of people in America have experienced homelessness at some point within their lives. Only about 0.17% of the population however, is still currently homeless. This means that the vast majority of those who have been homeless at certain points of their lives have only temporarily encountered this issue. With the help and support of other community members, those individuals are able to get back on their feet and secure better housing situations. It is so crucial that we assist those that are struggling so they can have the opportunity to fight poverty and lead happier lives with the feeling of security that comes with having a home. We want everyone to be able to feel the safety and comfort of someday having a home to call their own.


    Nothing makes us feel better than being on a team that takes time to work on a cause that is this important. Please feel free to ask us how to get involved with HSHS! We are more than happy to point anyone in the right direction who would similarly like to get involved with this initiative. There are a number of homeless shelters in the area that do similar work and have great opportunities to volunteer.


    We need to work to fight the stigma that comes with homelessness so that we can more adequately provide our community members the support they need during their most vulnerable time. By understanding more about homelessness–particularly that it is not a life-sentence for most individuals, we can gather increased support in fighting for these people while they need our help. We encourage anyone to come join us next time we bring the team together to help give back to others during their transitionary period between housing.


    Thank you to everyone who helped give back this holiday season!!!



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